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FAQ - Frequently asked Questions

These are some of the questions people are always asking us, they should provide some answers to help you with your phone system, Wi‑Fi, computer and general IT problems.

Why is my Wi‑Fi Rubbish?

There are may factors that affect Wi‑Fi coverage, these include: speed supported by access point, distance from access point, how many things are connecting to the access point, what bands other access points in your area are using, construction of building...see more

How do I tidy up my comms cabinet?

In the past you only patched the ports that needed data and those that needed voice, leaving a high percentage dead for both. Today with the relative low price of Gigabit switches and phones being VoIP it makes support easy to initially patch out all ports to a PoE switch them what ever you connect will work. You will have a very tidy cabinet and not need to touch it in the futureread more

How do I save money on my phone bill / get cheaper phone calls?

The cheapest phone call charges in the UK are landline calls often below 1p per minute and calls to mobiles are under 5p per minute, at this level a 10% or 20% saving is barely noticed. For most people the largest element of the bill is line rental, now that too has come down or disappeared...read more

How do I speed up Windows 10 and stop it using all my bandwidth?

By default Windows 10 can send everything you enter to Microsoft, it downloads news and weather update and other items to distract you from the job in hand. Microsoft want you to use their cloud storage. This takes processing power, and slows your machine starting, and eats up your bandwidth...read more

How do I set up the iPCS app on my phone?

You will need an iPCS license and the details you were given when you got your licence...read more

What is the difference between Microsoft Teams & SpliceCom with Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Calling Plans are expensive, instead you could add a SpliceCom SV1000 and use it as a gateway to gain access to much cheaper VoIP lines for a different SIP provider, Microsoft call this “Direct Routing”...read more

Why should I buy a phone system from you? I know Microsoft Teams isn't quite there yet but they will get it to work

The simple answer to that is not only has Teams has less functionality, and a higher TCO, but look at the time and money Microsoft spent on Windows Mobile and never got that right...read more

If you still have questions, please call us on 01242 621641 or email support@cticom.ms

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