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Backup and Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery encompasses everything from your building getting blown-up /flooded and you lose everything, to the staff can't get in because of the snow and you need to keep working.

Call us on 01242 621641 so we can help you choose which is right for you, make sure your data is safe and plan for disaster recovery. Choosing the right office software and place to store / access / backup your data and communications system is key to reducing the impact to your business.

We can help ensure minimum disruption to your business, whatever happens.


Backup and Disaster Recovery

As well as the traditional people working at desk, more and more you and your staff will need to access your office information from anywhere and how you set up the office has an impact on this. Disaster Recovery planning also requires remote and/or alternate access. The equipment in the office will need to be cable or Wi-Fi linked to each other, and linked to the internet.

There is no point in having all your data safe but you can't use it as you don't have the right equipment to access it. In the worst case scenario, when you can't access your office, you will need the programs and backup devices elsewhere, or if they are available you have to wait a day for delivery of new items. This is one of the many reasons why Cloud Computing is popular.

Call us on 01242 621641 to see how our solutions ensure that your business keeps working with minimal disruption and also enables home / remote working.

Key Features

  • Your office can be working within 15 minutes of hardware failure
  • File recovery can be as little as 5 minutes
  • Scheduled backups with email notification
  • Option for off-site backup, including to the Cloud

Call us on 01242 621641 or email sales@cti-uk.com for more details or for a quote tailored to your requirements.


Our backup and disaster recovery solution offers several options, please call us on 01242 621641 or email sales@cti-uk.com for more details or for a quote tailored to your requirements.

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