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Should I buy or rent a SpliceCom system?

It is the monthly bill for your telecoms that over the years makes the difference to your bottom line. Unlike a data server that gets replaced every few years, a phone system will easily last 10 and we are still supporting systems we installed over 20 years ago. Who wants to be renting something for 20 years and pay the purchase price many times over, when they could have bought it outright or spread the cost over just 3 years?

Just as SpliceCom give you a choice of an on-site, multi-site or hosted system or a mix of the options to suit your requirements, they also enable you to match that choice with your cashflow, be it a traditional purchase with a tiny running cost or a minimal initial outlay with pay as you go pricing structure or a variety of half way houses.

Lowest total cost

If you run the SpliceCom system yourselves and buy it outright, then your ongoing cost it for the line rental, and support at £1.10 per user per month.

Cloud / Hosted system

If you don't want the system in your office, from £50 per month gets it hosted in SpliceCom's data centre

Don't buy the licences

You can pay monthly for the licences with just one month's notice, whether the control unit is your or hosted by us or SpliceCom

Don't buy the hardware

Rent the hardware - handsets, MAP control unit and after 3 years it is yours and you can then stop paying for it.

Pay per user

If you prefer the standard hosted model where you pay the same amount per user per month, we can offer that too.

Cost effective compromise

If you have something better to do with your cash than buy a phone system but don't want to pay for it forever, buy the licences and spread the cost of the hardware over 3 years.

Please call us on 01242 621641 or email sales@cti-uk.com for more information or for a quote tailored to your requirements.

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