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How do I set up PCS 60?

PCS 60 can work as a Softphone on a MAC and gives you the status of colleagues phones, one click calling / call transfer, full call history and easy directory access.

The userguide for PCS 60 can be viewed / downloaded from https://iris.splicecom.com/downloadable.files/PCS%2060%20User%20Manual%20v4%201015%206.pdf

To configure PCS 60, follow these steps below:

  1. Download PCS 60 on the MAC using the link provided

  2. The above link will download as a Disk Image, once the download is complete you simply have to drag the PCS60 application into the Applications folder on your MAC

  3. Open the PCS 60 application from the Applications folder on your MAC

  4. Click on PCS60 and select Preferences:

    • Select SSL from the Mode drop down list

    • Gatekeeper is normaly splicecom.yourdomain i.e. splicecom.bloggs.co.uk - check with CTi

    • Port is 5000

    • Hotdesk Number is your Extension Number

    • Hotdesk Code is on the information provided

  1. Close and re-open PCS 60

  2. Your softphone is set up

The next steps need to be done by a system manager or CTi will do them for you. If you would like CTi to do them, please call us on 01242 621644

  1. Log onto the SpliceCom SV1000 https://<IP address>/manager/admin or https://splicecom.<yourdomain>/manager/admin

  2. Click Phones 🡺 Unassigned Phones
    Unassigned Phones

  3. Find the MAC address of computer with the softphone on to be added (there should only be one) – this is a security verification for the computer

  4. Select "Add Phone Only" from the drop-down then click the "Assign Phones" button
    Add softphone to SpliceCom System

  5. If Navigate Pro hasn't connected after a few seconds, in Navigate Pro Softphone user configuration click restart.

  6. Navigate Pro should now be connected

  7. If this computer is to be used on Wired AND Wi-Fi, connect to the Internet using the other connection and repeat 8) to 13)

  8. This computer / Navigate Pro is now setup

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