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Business WiFi and Internet - Complete solutions for WiFi and Internet

We provide complete solutions for your business WiFi and Internet connections, whether you're a single office, accross several buildings or sites or provide servies in a multi-tenancy building

With the right equipment, you can have a fully managed business WiFi and Internet solution for your office, building(s) or in a multi-tenancy environment.

Internet Access

Internet access and WiFi is now an essential for everyone but with the move to VoIP lines the quality of your Internet connection is becoming more and more important.

Some ISPs provide a cheap Internet connection with unlimited usage, but they are unlikely to also give you the full speed your line will support and will likely experience quality and speed degradation during busy periods - i.e. when the kids get home from school or during the school holidays.

We can organise service from an ISP that will provide the maximum speed your line will support and gives usage information that helps fix faults as soon as possible.

Call us on 01242 621641 or email sales@cti-uk.com for more details.

ZyXEL Router


Wi-Fi speeds and coverage have been rapidly improving but we now seem to have settled down to “n” and “ac”. All new Wi-Fi devices support “n” at 150 Mbs / 300 Mbs, the better ones support “ac” 866 Mbs / 1300 Mbs / 1700 Mbs (450 Mbps for 2.4 GHz and 1.3 Gbps for 5 GHz) taking Wi-Fi speeds above those supported by standard CAT 5e / CAT 6a cabling. However, the 2.4 Ghz band has been used so much that in many areas it is extremely congested resultig in people not being able to get a stable or fast connection. The 5 Ghz band which was just used for specialist applications is now available so you can get a better quality signal and faster connection even in the most populous areas.

Wi-Fi access points occasionally come as a wall mountable / standalone unit sending the signal all around it but more often they are designed for ceiling mounting and they send the whole signal down, focusing the coverage where it is needed giving high speed Wi-Fi and a longer range Wi-Fi coverage. The Wi-Fi access points are normally cabled back to PoE (Power over Ethernet) switch that connects them back to your network and gives them power and Internet access.

Long Range Outdoor Wi-Fi Access Point / Bridge can be used to link different buildings together / back to a main centre for both data and telephone calls, we have set up and support systems that cover many kilometres.

Please call us on 01242 621641 or email sales@cti-uk.com so we can help specify what is right for your location.

Wall / Ceiling mounted WiFi Access Point
Wall / Ceiling mounted WiFi Access Point
Long Range WiFi Access Point
Long Range WiFi Access Point

Multiple Connections

Internet connections can fail, which could leave you without internet access. This could leave you unable to work if your data is the cloud. The routers we supply can support dual internet connections so that you can have a back-up service. A back-up service is often less than £1 per day and the way we configure it means that it’s not just sitting there, doing nothing, just waiting for things to go wrong. Our back-up service is being used in parallel with your normal ISP effectively doubling your internet speed with pages loading in half the time as data making up the page with pictures etc. flows down both the connections simultaneously.

Draytek router using dual WAN connections

The routers we supply can also support a mobile mhone internet connection, so if the normal broadband fails, you will still have internet connectivity via a mobile connection. The quality of the connection depends on the mobile network coverage.

Call us on 01242 621641 or email sales@cti-uk.com to see how our solutions ensure that your business keeps working with minimal disruption.

Linking Sites

Our routers are able to provide links between remote sites, which is essential if you want to share resources and make free calls between sites. There are a number of options availble, including load balancing and fail-over so you can choose the one that best fits what you are trying to achieve.

Load balancing uses both connections
Load balancing uses both connections for optimal throughput between your sites
Fail-over only uses one at a time
Fail-over only uses one connection at a time

Call us on 01242 621641 or email sales@cti-uk.com for more information.

Service Graphs

We can organise service from an ISP that gives information about what is happening on your service, via a graph.

An ideal connection
An ideal connection

A connection experiencing issues
A connection experiencing issues

This is an excellent tool in troubleshooting problems with your internet as you can see what's going on. This is of particular use when you are experiencing speech quality issues when making VoIP calls, either between your remote sites / workers or with a SIP service

Call us on 01242 621641 or email sales@cti-uk.com for more information.


We can supply, install and maintain a range of Draytek routers. We supply them fully configured with one year's support, starting at £330

Call us on 01242 621641 or email sales@cti-uk.com for more information or a quote tailored to your requirements.

Draytek 2866ax Draytek Specialist Partner

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