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Why is my Wi-Fi Rubbish?

When you have a wired connection it is just your computer connecting to the network via that 100Mbs or 1000Mbs (1Gbs) cable. Once you connect via Wi-Fi other factors come in to play:

What speed does the Wi-Fi access point support?

In 2016 the basic router comes with a 150Mbs Wi-Fi capability, but with better units it can increase to 1750 Mbs.

Wi-Fi speed drops off with distance

The futher you are from the WiFi access point, the weaker the WiFi signal so the speed drops so you experience poor wifi

Wi-Fi is a shared connection

10 devices each connecting to the same 150Mbs access point each get 15Mbs, despite what speed the device is saying it's connecting at, resulting in slow wifi for each device

Most people will still using the more common 2.4Ghz band

There are two main frequencies for Wi-Fi and you will find that most people are using the common 2.4GHz, so that other peoples Wi-Fi, in other organisations / rooms / buildings with produce a “fog” of background Wi-Fi noise which will help mask your signal and you end up a with poor wifi and slow wifi connection.

What can be done to give me the best signal possible?

  1. Cable more Wi-Fi access points, but poorly placed or configured can make things worse
  2. Use Wi-Fi access points that support higher speeds
  3. Use Wi-Fi access points that support both 2.4 Ghz & 5 Ghz frequency
  4. Select channel bands that aren’t being used by others in your area
  5. Use a Wi-Fi controller to balance the load among your Wi-Fi access points
  6. Place the points to give optimum coverage

If you are experiencing poor wifi or slow wifi please call us on 01242 621641 or email support@cticom.ms, we can help with all or any part of providing you with full high speed Wi-Fi coverage.

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