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Sales and Advice


Our team are Telephone System and Technology Experts

We pride ourselves in providing solutions to what seem like impossible situations or when other people have said it can't be done, all with an excellent service at a very fair price.
In our experience, many people will try to sell you equipment and services you don’t really need, but we look at what you are trying to achieve and be as careful with your money as if we are spending our own.

Cutting Edge Technology
The traditional approach to IT is to buy a bit here and a bit there, then get frustrated when the elements don’t work with each other properly.
We understand telephones, computers and networks so we can offer state-of-the-art solutions using cutting edge technology that integrate with each other and thus enable your organisation to run as smoothly as possible.

Why bother with an expensive server?
We can offer, with innovative use of technology, you and all your staff a fully integrated communications system for a fraction of the price of a traditional Server based solution.

Please have a look at our Case Studies to see how we can benefit your organisation too.

That's not all we do...

We can supply, install and support you with:

Telephone Systems
3CX Phone System
All Phone Systems
Low-Cost Solutions
Office Setup
Telephone Systems
Line Rental
All Low-Cost Solutions
Security / CCTV
All Infrastructure Solutions
Cloud / Remote Working
Backup / Distaster Recovery
Project Management
All Our Services
Multiple Connections
All Internet Options
IT Support
Fully Outsourced
Pay-as-you Go
All Support Options

For more information on the right solutions for you, call us on 01242 621641. We supply solutions locally: Cheltenham, Gloucester and Oxford, as well as throughout the rest of the UK.

Avaya IP OfficeSpliceCom MaximiserDraytek IP PBX3CX Software based IP PBX

Thinking of a Hosted Solution?

Hosted PBXs are not all they appear to be. You could be surprised at the costs comapared to an on-site PBX. Read more...

We can offer you a more robust solution with almost instant recovery compared to a hosted / virtual desktop.

Remote Support

Please call support on
01242 621666
before using this tool

Connect to Support

Our remote support tool is safe and completely removes itself once the session is closed, so you have the peace of mind that nothing is left behind.


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